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HPC News Archive

30th April 2021 NWChemEx: Computational Chemistry Code for the Exascale Era

28th April 2021 HPE Will Build Singapore’s New National Supercomputer

28th April 2021 EuroHPC: Applications Now Open to Access Vega Supercomputer

23rd April 2021 Atos Unveils Global R&D Lab for Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing and Quantum

22nd April 2021 Atos’ BullSequana Powers First EuroHPC Supercomputer Operational at IZUM in Slovenia

21st April 2021 Cerebras Doubles AI Performance with Second-Gen 7nm Wafer Scale Engine

20th April 2021 Supercomputer-Powered Climate Model Makes Startling Sea Level Rise Prediction

19th April 2021 Australian Government Invests $50M for SKA Telescope Project Supported by Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

16th April 2021 Fujitsu Renews Key Systems for Japan Meteorological Agency

15th April 2021 Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

14th April 2021 Cyber-firm Darktrace eyes '£3bn' London share listing

14th April 2021 HPE Selected to Build Supercomputer for Maison de l’Intelligence Artificielle

13th April 2021 Nvidia Serves Up Its First Arm Datacenter CPU ‘Grace’ During Kitchen Keynote

11th April 2021 Habana’s AI Silicon Comes to San Diego Supercomputer Centre

9th April 2021 US blacklists seven Chinese supercomputer groups

8th April 2021 Intel Partners Debut Latest Servers Based on the New Intel Gen 3 ‘Ice Lake’ Xeons

8th April 2021 PRACE Call 23 for Proposals for Project Access Open

7th April 2021 Intel Launches 10nm ‘Ice Lake’ Datacenter CPU with Up to 40 Cores

7th April 2021 What’s New in HPC Research: Tundra, Fugaku, µHPC & More

6th April 2021 HPE Launches Storage Line Loaded with IBM’s Spectrum Scale File System

6th April 2021 CERN Is Betting Big on Exascale

31st March 2021 Peptone to Collaborate with NVIDIA and Verne Global to Scale AI-driven Protein Engineering System

30th March 2021 Neocortex AI Supercomputer Starts User Access at PSC

25th March 2021 EuroHPC Lays Out a Roadmap for (Almost) All of Its New Systems

25th March 2021 Intel Invests $10B in New Foundry Business, Teams Up with IBM

23rd March 2021 NOAA Upgrades Its Flagship Global Forecast System (Again)

22nd March 2021 How Supercomputing Illuminated COVID’s Surprising Climate Effects

20th March 2021 AMD Partners Unveil Their Plans for Integrating New AMD Epyc CPUs in Servers, Services

19th March 2021 Atos Delivers ‘Quantum Learning Machine’ to Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)

18th March 2021 Pure Storage Brings Block Storage to Microsoft Azure

16th March 2021 Scientists unlock mysteries of world's oldest 'computer'

15th March 2021 AMD Launches Epyc ‘Milan’ with 19 SKUs for HPC, Enterprise and Hyperscale

12th March 2021 XSEDE-Allocated Supercomputers Help Accelerate Alzheimer’s Research

11th March 2021 Atos Delivers BullSequana X410 Supercomputer to Swansea University

10th March 2021 European Processor Initiative EPAC1.0 RISC-V Core Boots Linux on FPGA

9th March 2021 New ‘Bede’ Supercomputer in Northern England to Support AI, Energy, Drug Design Research

5th March 2021 Can Deep Learning Replace Numerical Weather Prediction?

3rd March 2021 Cambridge-1 to be housed at KAO Data in Harlow

2nd March 2021 Atos Named a Leader in the TBR Quantum Market Landscape

1st March 2021 Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology Selects HPE to Build New Supercomputer for Academic, Industrial Research

26th February 2021 Atos and HDF Energy to Develop the First Green Hydrogen Datacenter

23rd February 2021 NAG Delivers Machine Learning Expertise via New Azure HPC & AI Collaboration Centre

22rd February 2021 Scientists Use Supercomputers to Study Reliable Fusion Reactor Design, Operation

22nd February 2021 Supercomputer Research May Have Solved a Planetary Mystery

19th February 2021 Livermore’s El Capitan Supercomputer to Debut HPE ‘Rabbit’ Near Node Local Storage

18th February 2021 Registration opens for the EuroHPC Summit

12th February 2021 Air Force Launches Cray Weather Forecasting Supercomputer in Partnership with HPE, ORNL

5th February 2021 Bright Computing Achieves Record Revenues and Bookings in 2020 Despite Pandemic

4th February 2021 EPCC Bets on Cerebras CS-1 to Boost AI Capabilities in EDIF Buildout

1st February 2021 Rapid ID of Potential Anti-COVID-19 Agents Powered by XSEDE

28th January 2020 HPE Is Building a New Flagship Supercomputer for the National Center for Atmospheric Research

26th January 2021 What’s New in HPC Research: Galaxies, Fugaku, Electron Microscopes & More

25th January 2021 Major EU Project Will Harness AI and Genomics for Disease Prevention

13th January 2021 Researchers Use LRZ HPC Resources to Perform Largest-ever Supersonic Turbulence Simulation

12th January 2021 New Full-fibre Network to Link Cambridge Research Institutions, Enterprises to Global Sites

7th January 2021 UK Government Announces £20M DiRAC HPC Funding Boost for Urgent Scientific Research

6th January 2021 Met Éireann, ICHEC Team up for TRANSLATE Project to Standardise Ireland’s Future Climate Data

5th January 2021 What’s New in HPC Research: GPU Lifetimes, the Square Kilometre Array, Support Tickets & More

31st December 2020 Farewell 2020: Bleak, Yes. But a Lot of Good Happened Too

21st December 2020 At Los Alamos National Lab, Supercomputers Are Optimizing Vaccine Distribution

14th December 2020 AI Newcomer SambaNova GA’s Product Lineup and Offers New Service

9th December 2020 Los Alamos National Lab Chronicles Its Multifaceted Computing Battle Against COVID-19

4th December 2020 International Project Will Create Data Infrastructure for Pandemic Research

3rd December 2020 Natural Compounds, Identified via HPC, Move Forward in COVID-19 Therapeutic Testing

2nd December 2020 AlphaFold: a solution to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology

2nd December 2020 AWS Goes Supersonic with Boom

26th November 2020 SC20 Panel – OK, You Hate Storage Tiering. What’s Next Then?

25th November 2020 Gordon Bell Prize Winner Breaks Ground in AI-Infused Ab Initio Simulation

23rd November 2020 EuroHPC Exec. Dir. Talks Procurement, EPI, and Europe’s Efforts to Control its HPC Destiny

19th November 2020 At SC20, an Expert Panel Braces for the Next Pandemic

27th November 2020 Jülich’s Upgraded Supercomputer – JUWELS – Setting New Benchmarks

29th October 2020 Supercomputer Research Leads to Human Trial of Potential COVID-19 Therapeutic Raloxifene

28th October 2020 Multi-lab Project Developed Computational Approach Employed by Over 30 Oil and Gas Operators

27th October 2020 Technologies Developed at BSC Have Allowed the Creation of 10 New Companies in 5 Years

23rd October 2020 NASA Uses Supercomputing to Measure Carbon in the World’s Trees

22nd October 2020 HPE, AMD and EuroHPC Partner for Massive LUMI Supercomputer

21st October 2020 Atos Supercomputer Boosts Weather Forecasting Capacity in Croatia and Supports Fight Against Air Pollution

20th October 2020 LLNL Gets AI Boost with SambaNova Collaboration

19th October 2020 ROI: Is HPC Worth It? What Can We Actually Measure?

15th October 2020 Preparing for Exascale Science on Day 1

12th October 2020 EU to Create ‘Digital Twins’ of Earth, Run on EuroHPC Supercomputers

29th September 2020 Global Quantum Computing Market Projected to Grow to More Than $800 million by 2024

28th September 2020 NOAA Announces Major Upgrade to Ensemble Forecast Model, Extends Range to 35 Days

21st September 2020 European Commission Declares €8 Billion Investment in Supercomputing

17th September 2020 Inaugural STFC Hartree Centre & Atos Joseph Fourier Prize Launched

16th September 2020 IBM’s Quantum Race to One Million Qubits

14th September 2020 NVIDIA to Acquire Arm for $40 Billion

11th September 2020 NSF Partners with Amazon, Google, Intel, Accenture on Next Round of AI Institutes

10th September 2020 Google’s Quantum Chemistry Simulation Suggests Promising Path Forward

7th September 2020 The ROI on HPC? $44 in profit for every $1 in HPC

4th September 2020 Summit Enables Unprecedented Weather Simulation

3rd September 2020 Science Minister Launches National Quantum Computing Centre

2nd September 2020 Pawsey Supercomputing Centre Spins Up ‘Garrawarla’ for Astronomical Insight

1st September 2020 European Commission Approves Two BSC-Led High-Performance Computing Centers of Excellence

28th August 2020 Graphcore’s IPU Tackles Particle Physics, Showcasing Its Potential for Early Adopters

27th August 2020 Long-time IBM HPC Strategist Dave Turek Named CTO of DNA-based Storage Start-up

26th August 2020 EuroHPC Research and Innovation Call Announced

25th August 2020 DOD Orders Two AI-Focused Supercomputers from Liqid

21st August 2020 RIKEN and JAXA Collaborate to Offer Real-Time Rainfall Forecasts

20th August 2020 Cerebras 1.2 Trillion Chip Integrated with LLNL’s Lassen System for AI Research  

18th August 2020 IBM Debuts Power10; Touts New Memory Scheme, Security, and Inferencing

14th August 2020 Braket: Amazon’s Cloud-First Quantum Environment Is Generally Available

12th August 2020 Nissan Moves to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for High-Performance Computing

10th August 2020 Hartree Centre Supports Engineering Students’ Race to Formula One

7th August 2020 Oxford, Atos in Deal for Nvidia 63-Node DGX System, Said to be UK’s Largest AI Supercomputer

6th August 2020 Research: A Survey of Numerical Methods Utilizing Mixed Precision Arithmetic

5th August 2020 An interview with our CEO

5th August 2020 HPE Keeps Cray Brand Promise, Reveals HPE Cray Supercomputing Line

4th August 2020 Nvidia Said to Be Close on Arm Deal

30th July 2020 PEARC20 Plenary Introduces Five Upcoming NSF-Funded HPC Systems

29th July 2020 HPE Powers the University of Edinburgh’s International Data Facility with Software, HPC and AI Solutions

28th July 2020 SC20 Transitions to a Fully Virtual Event

27th July 2020 Another Intel 7nm Chip Delay – What Does it Mean for Aurora Exascale?

24th July 2020 DOE Unveils Blueprint for the Quantum Internet in Event at University of Chicago

23rd July 2020 A Declaration of Interdependence through Non von Neumann Architecture

20th July 2020 Argonne Claims Largest Engine Flow Simulation Using Theta Supercomputer

17th July 2020 National Supercomputing Center in Korea, KISTI, Joins COVID-19 HPC Consortium

16th July 2020 heFFTe: Scaling FFT for Exascale

15th July 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Volcanoes, Mobile Games, Proteins & More

13th July 2020 HLRS-Led European Project Will Expand Use of HPC Among SMEs​

10th July 2020 Max Planck Society Begins Installation of Liquid-Cooled Supercomputer from Lenovo

9th July 2020 Atos Establishes Life Sciences Centre of Excellence to Support Researchers Worldwide

8th July 2020 New OCF Supercomputer at the University of Aberdeen Supports Ground Breaking Genomics Research

7th July 2020 The Barcelona Supercomputing Center Offers a Virtual Tour of Its MareNostrum Supercomputer

6th July 2020 What’s New in Computing vs. COVID-19: Fugaku, Congress, De Novo Design & More

2nd July 2020 UKRI Welcomes £300M Investment in Research Infrastructure Across UK

1st July 2020 Iceland Joins the LUMI Consortium

30th June 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Mosquitoes, Folding@home, the Last Journey & More

29th June 2020 Let’s Talk Exascale: Forecasting Water Resources and Severe Weather with Greater Confidence

24th June 2020 LRZ to Deploy HPE’s Cray CS500 System with Arm Fujitsu A64FX Processors

23rd June 2020 Japan Captures TOP500 Crown with Arm-Powered Supercomputer

22nd June 2020 ‘Rocky Year’ – Hyperion’s HPC Market Update: COVID-19 Hits Q1 Revenues, Cloud HPC Boom, Shift in Server Vendor Standings

18th June 2020 SC20 Conference Posts COVID-19 Planning Update, Registration Opens August 14

17th June 2020 UK Government Invests £70M in 38 Projects Focused on Quantum Technologies

16th June 2020 Building a Better Bridge with Supercomputing

12th June 2020 Ireland’s AI Center Receives Funding for New ‘Leon’ Supercomputer

10th June 2020 Neocortex Will Be First-of-Its-Kind 800,000-Core AI Supercomputer

4th June 2020 NCSA Wades into Post-Blue Waters Era with Delta Supercomputer

3rd June 2020 NERSC 2006 ‘Exotic Tech’ Time Capsule Contents Potentially to be Revealed at SC20 Conference

1st June 2020 ISC 2020 Goes Digital Offering an Exciting Program for the HPC Community

1st June 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Astronomy, Weather, Security & More

29th May 2020 UK Joins COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium

28th May 2020 Australian Researchers Break All-Time Internet Speed Record

27th May 2020 Sandia to Receive Fujitsu ‘Green’ Processor

26th May 2020 Supercomputer Simulations Reveal the Fate of the Neanderthals

22nd May 2020 Using HPC, Researchers Discover How Easily Hurricanes Form

21st May 2020 Microsoft’s AI Supercomputer on Azure: ‘Combinations of Perceptual Domains’

20th May 2020 The Turing to Work with the University of Texas at Austin’s Oden Institute to Advance Data-Centric Engineering Research

19th May 2020 Hacking Streak Forces European Supercomputers Offline in Midst of COVID-19 Research Effort

17th May 2020 Supercomputers hacked across Europe to mine cryptocurrency

16th May 2020 NVIDIA Announces NVIDIA HPC SDK

15th May 2020 Lenovo to deploy 17 Petaflop supercomputer at KIT in Germany

12th May 2020 ICHEC Leads International Quantum Simulation Project

7th May 2020 New Study Exposes Hidden Costs of HPC Storage including Downtime and Labor Costs

6th May 2020 Lenovo Announces New AMD Epyc-based ThinkSystem Servers​

5th May 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Python, Brain Circuits, Wildfires & More

5th May 2020 Accelerating vaccine research for COVID-19 with HPC and AI

1st May 2020 PRACE Awards 195 Million Core Hours to fight Coronavirus

30th April 2020 Hyperion Research Forecasts Widespread Covid-19 Disruption to HPC Market

29th April 2020 Atos Mobilizes Technological Expertise to Fight COVID-19

28th April 2020 Could Machine Learning Replace the Entire Weather Forecast System?

27th April 2020 UK spies will need artificial intelligence - Rusi report

23rd April 2020 Arm-Powered Fujitsu Supercomputer to fuel Aerospace Research at JAXA in Japan

22nd April 2020 Sipearl, Arm Sign Licensing Agreement for the Development of Microprocessors for European Exascale Supercomputer

21st April 2020 Time Lapse Video: Building the Attaway Supercomputer at Sandia

20th April 2020 China Green-lights Nvidia Acquisition of Mellanox

17th April 2020 Intel, Udacity Launch New Edge AI Program to Train 1 Million Developers

16th April 2020 Quantum Bits: Intel Turns up the Heat; NSF, IBM, AWS, M’soft Collaborate; Q-CTRL Takes in Cash

15th April 2020 UK’s Hartree Centre is Using Atos Supercomputer for Coronavirus Treatment Research

24th April 2020 What’s New in Computing vs. COVID-19: Groceries, Smartphones, Competitions & More

9th April 2020 ISC 2020 Turns to Digital Event From June 22 to 24 Due to Pandemic

8th April 2020 Spanish Researchers Introduce HPC-Ready COVID-19 Spread Simulator

7th April 2020 What’s New in Computing vs. COVID-19: Fast-Tracked Research, Susceptibility Study, Antibodies & More​

3rd April 2020 ECP Milestone Report Details Progress and Directions

3rd April 2020 Meteorology 101: Rules For Building A Better Forecast​

2nd April 2020 AMD Epyc CPUs Now on Bare Metal IBM Cloud Servers

1st April 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Supersonic Jets, Skin Modeling, Astrophysics & More

31st March 2020 Weather at Exascale: Load Balancing for Heterogeneous Systems

30th March 2020 Intersect360 Research Lowers 2020 HPC Market Forecast for COVID-19

7th march 2020 What’s New in Computing vs. COVID-19: White House Initiative, Frontera, RIKEN & More

26th March 2020 Fujitsu Laboratories and Quantum Benchmark Begin Joint Research on Algorithms with Error Suppression for Quantum Computing

25th March 2020 Uncertainty Plagues Chip Foundries, HPC Sector

24th March 2020 NOAA Seeks Partnership to Help Develop World’s Best Weather Model

23rd March 2020 Free Registration: Supercomputing Frontiers Europe Virtual Conference this Week

20th March 2020 Rescale Partners with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to Accelerate the Race for COVID-19 Vaccine

19th March 2020 Hyperion Research Looks at COVID-19’s Impact on the Global HPC Market

18th March 2020 Marvell Talks up ThunderX3 and Arm Server Roadmap

17th March 2020 Folding@home Turns Its Massive Crowdsourced Computer Network Against COVID-1

16th March 2020 EU Funds Exscalate supercomputing platform to fight coronavirus

14th March 2020 Global Supercomputing Is Mobilizing Against COVID-19

13th March 2020 Maxeler Technologies Develops Real Time FPGA-Based Processing for European XFEL

12th March 2020 Steve Scott Lays Out HPE-Cray Blended Product Roadmap

10th March 2020 AMD’s Road Ahead: 5nm Epyc, CPU-GPU Coupling, 20% CAGR

6th March 2020 AMD to Power 2 Exaflop El Capitan Supercomputer from HPE

4th March 2020 Fujitsu’s Supercomputer System for Japan’s Meteorological Research Institute Commences Operations

3rd March 2020 NVIDIA Cancels GTC 2020 Live Event due to Coronavirus

2nd March 2020 HPE to Build Supercomputer for MWA Telescope in Australia​

28th February 2020 How the Titan Supercomputer was Recycled

27th February 2020 D-Wave Leap 2 Quantum Cloud Service is Built for Business

26th February 2020 First EPI Forum to take place in Paris

25th February 2020 AMD to Power Cray Shasta Supercomputer at Navy DSRC

24th February 2020 HPC User Forum to Explore AI-HPDA Use In Banking and Investment Firms

21st February 2020 US to Triple Its Supercomputing Capacity for Weather and Climate with Two New Crays

20th February 2020 New Algorithm Allows PCs to Challenge HPC in Weather Forecasting​

19th February 2020 German Aerospace Center Debuts AMD-Powered CARA Supercomputer

18th February 2020 Isambard 2 at UK Met Office to be largest Arm supercomputer in Europe

17th February 2020 Met Office forecasters set for 'billion pound' supercomputer

13th February 2020 SiPearl Begins Development of European Processor with €6.2M

13th February 2020 XTREME-D Launches New HPC Infrastructure Services with Digital Realty​

12th February 2020 Exascale in Europe

11th February 2020 IBM Invests in Cambridge Quantum Computing

7th February 2020 Eni unveils HPC5 Supercomputer from Dell Technologies

7th February 2020 Forschungszentrum Jülich Establishes Technology Laboratory for Quantum Computers

6th February 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Blockchain, Explosions, Autonomous Vehicles & More

6th February 2020 Supercomputers Improve Offshore Forecasting for the West Coast

5th February 2020 Rice University Engineers Develop Deep Learning Computer That Accurately Forecasts Heat Waves, Cold Spells

5th February 2020 Tachyum Processor to power 2021 AI/HPC Supercomputer

5th February 2020 Fujitsu to Deploy Arm-based Supercomputer at Nagoya University​

1st February 2020 Artificial intelligence-created medicine to be used on humans for first time

31st January 2020 ECP Report: Advancing Scientific Productivity through Better Scientific Software

31st January 2020 Lise Supercomputer, Part of HLRN-IV, Begins Operations

30th January 2020 Rometty Stepping Down, Krishna and Red Hat’s Whitehurst in at IBM​

28th January 2020 IBM Announces New AI Inference POWER9 Server

27th January 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Tsunamis, Wildfires, the Large Hadron Collider & More

27th January 2020 Toshiba Promises Quantum-Like Advantage on Standard Hardware

24th January 2020 DOE Announces $625 Million for New Quantum Centers

23rd January 2020 Zenuity and HPE to develop next generation autonomous cars

20th January 2020 ORNL Tests Arm-based Wombat Platform with NVIDIA GPUs

17th January 2020 Apply Now for ISC Travel Grant and Student Volunteer Programs

16th January 2020 Reducing the risk of blood clots by supercomputing turbulent flow

16th January 2020 OnScale Announces Availability of Pay-as-you-Simulate SaaS Model

15th January 2020 Genomics England Selects WekaIO to Accelerate Genomics Research 

15th January 2020 2020 HiPEAC Conference to Showcase European Computing Technologies

13th January 2020 Atos supercomputer to enhance weather prediction capabilities for leading European numerical weather centre ECMWF​

10th January 2020 Microway Deploys NVIDIA DGX-2 supercomputers at Oregon State University

10th January 2020 LANL Joins IBM Q Network to Explore Quantum Computing Algorithms and Education Outreach

10th January 2020 Technologies for Energy Efficient Supercomputing

9th January 2020 Delta Partners with IBM to Explore Quantum Computing​

8th January 2020 Atos to deploy AMD-powered AION Supercomputer at the University of Luxembourg​

6th January 2020 What’s New in HPC Research: Gravitational Lenses, the Human Brain Project, Biofuels & More

6th January 2020 BSC Coordinates Development of RISC-V ‘Lagarto’ Processor​

6th January 2020 Titan Supercomputer Simulates Birth of Supernovae

4th January 2020 AI 'outperforms' doctors diagnosing breast cancer​

24th December 2019 The world’s most accurate forecast just got better​

24th December 2019 Penguin Computing Upgrades Corona Cluster with 7nm AMD GPU Technology

21st December 2019 Summit Helps to Prepare for Data from the World’s Largest Radio Telescope

20th December 2019 Cloud platforms unleash full potential of NOAA’s environmental data

19th December 2019 Orion Supercomputer comes to Mississippi State University

19th December 2019 Apple, Google and Amazon decide to 'play nice' over smart home tech

18th December 2019 What’s New in HPC Research: Particle Accelerators, Brain Science, the Supercomputing Institute & More

18th December 2019 ORNL Appoints Gina Tourassi as Director of ORNL National Center for Computational Sciences

16th December 2019 Supercomputing a Neutron Star Merger

16th December 2019 What do the EU’s ethical guidelines for AI mean for American companies?

14th December 2019 Cybersecurity: how are we doing?

14th December 2019 Developing Better Vaccines with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

14th December 2019 Building a Tiered Digital Storage Environment Based on User-Defined Metadata to Enable eResearch​

13th December 2019 How Formula 1 Used Cloud HPC to Build the Next Generation of Racing​

13th December 2019 Quantum Bits: Rigetti Debuts New Gates, D-Wave Cuts NEC Deal, AWS Jumps into the Quantum Pool​

12th December 2019 Atos boosts quantum application development through the creation of the first Quantum User Group

12th December 2019 D-Wave and NEC to Accelerate Commercial Quantum Computing​

12th December 2019 Vienna Scientific Cluster-4 Supercomputer Enabling Research from Climate Change to the Origin of the Universe

11th December 2019 Supercomputers Help Predict Carbon Dioxide Levels​

11th December 2019 Verne Global brings hpcDIRECT to Bonseyes AI Marketplace​

10th December 2019 Intel Horse Ridge Chip to Cryogenically Control Quantum Computers​

9th December 2019 IDC: DDN is Fastest Growing Supplier of All-Flash Arrays

6th December 2019 Medical Imaging Gets an AI Boost​

5th December 2019 Amazon Braket to offer Multivendor Quantum Computing Service​

4th December 2019 CERN Selects Juniper Networks to Increase Network Capacity

4th December 2019 New Intel Facility in Hyderabad to Focus on Exascale and other Breakthrough Technologies

3rd December 2019 National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) Update – Adapting to a Changing Landscape

3rd December 2019 AWS Announces New Quantum Computing Service, AWS Center for Quantum Computing and AWS Quantum Solutions Lab​

3rd December 2019 Formula 1 Works with AWS to Develop Next Generation Race Car​

2nd December 2019 Call for tender for three pre-exascale EuroHPC supercomputers open - total value 426 million euro

30th November 2019 Lenovo Powers French Space Agency CNES Data Center for IO500 world ranking​

29th November 2019 Queen’s Cancer Researchers Now Have Access to Advanced Computing Resource Thanks to Gift​

28th November 2019 The way is open to building world-class supercomputers in Europe

28th November 2019 What’s New in HPC Research: Sky Surveys, HIV Research, HPC ‘First Contact’ & More​

28th November 2019 EuroHPC Sets Stage for Pre-Exascale LUMI Supercomputer at CSC in Finland​

27th November 2019 Atos Updates Santos Dumont Supercomputer Capacity

26th November 2019 How Deep Learning is Driving New Science​

26th November 2019 IBM’s AI Helps to Unearth Hidden Nasca Lines​

25th November 2019 Mellanox Announces Extreme-Scale High Performance Computing Program

22nd November 2019 Why supercomputing holds the answer to a greener tomorrow​

22nd November 2019 CFD Leader NUMECA adopts Advania Data Centers for HPC-as-a-Service

21st November 2019 AMD Delivers Best-in-Class HPC Performance at SC19​

21st November 2019 Hazra Retiring from Intel Data Center Group, Successor Not Known

21st November 2019 At SC19: Bespoke Supercomputing for Climate and Weather

20th November 2019 KAUST Installs Cray CS-Storm 500NX Supercomputer to Drive Strategic AI Initiative​

19th November 2019 Penguin Computing to Deliver Magma Supercomputer to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory​

19th November 2019 Atos and Intel announce multiyear collaboration toward exaclass HPC and AI solutions​

19th November 2019 Lenovo and Intel team up for Harvard Supercomputer and New Exascale Visionary Council

19th November 2019 HPE, Cray Unveil HPC and AI Solutions Optimized for the Exascale Era​

19th November 2019 San Diego Supercomputer Center Selects Dell Technologies to Power ‘Expanse’ System​

19th November 2019 STFC Machine Learning Group Deploys Elastic NVMe Storage to Power GPU Servers​

19th November 2019 TOP500: GENCI and Atos announce first supercomputer installed worldwide with next-generation AMD EPYC processors

18th November 2019 China Extends Lead in Number of TOP500 Supercomputers, US Holds on to Performance Advantage

18th November 2019 SC19 Opens in Denver

18th November 2019 GPU-Powered Turbocharger coming to JUWELS Supercomputer at Jülich

15th November 2019 IBM Makes Higher Quality Weather Forecasts Available Worldwide

15th November 2019 Atos delivers two new BullSequana supercomputers to Météo-France to boost weather forecasting capabilities​

14th November 2019 Researchers Use Neural Networks to Speed Weather and Climate Models

14th November 2019 Management buy-out at OCF

13th November 2019 Cray and Fujitsu Partner to Power Supercomputing in the Exascale Era

13th November 2019 Using HPC and Machine Learning to Predict Traffic Congestion

12th November 2019 Machine Learning Fuels a Booming HPC Market​

12th November 2019 Atom by Atom, Supercomputers Shed Light on Alloys

11th November 2019 Tackling HPC’s Memory and I/O Bottlenecks with On-Node, Non-Volatile RAM​

11th November 2019 What’s New in HPC Research: Cosmic Magnetism, Cryptanalysis, Car Navigation & More

7th November 2019 Advania to build sustainable HPC datacenter in Sweden

6th November 2019 UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment Buys 7 Petaflop Cray Supercomputer​

4th November 2019 Using Supercomputers for Flu Modelling

4th November 2019 European Processor Initiative Completes First Year​

2nd November 2019 Cray Debuts ClusterStor E1000

1st November 2019 Metals Simulation on Summit Nominated for Gordon Bell Prize

30th October 2019 What’s New in HPC Research: Quantum Cryptography, Radiation Damage, Human Settlements & More

23rd October 2019 Google claims 'quantum supremacy' for computer

18th October 2019 National Exascale Day

17th October 2019 The Exascale Computing Project's 2019 Application Development Report is now available

14th October 2019 Cray to Supply Archer2 Supercomputer with AMD Epyc Processors

14th October What’s New in HPC Research: Rabies, Smog, Robots & More

10th October 2019 Atos Supercomputer ‘Barbora’ Deployed at IT4Innovations in Czech Republic

9th October 2019 Optimizing Offshore Wind Farms with Supercomputer Simulations

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